[permaculture] Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference Nov 9, 10 and 11

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sat Sep 29 15:09:30 EDT 2012

This is sizing up to be a meaty technical conference.  Even meatier
and more technical than last year.

Presenters include several people that you know from my podcasts and
videos:  Helen Atthowe, Mark vander Meer, Owen Hablutzel, Michael
"skeeter" Pilarski, Ernie and Erica Wisner, Kelly Ware.

And a few people I should get into my podcasts and videos:  David
Ronniger (the seed and potato guy);   Kristen Lee-Charlson
(responsible for the Missoula Winter Market, Edible Missoula, the food
buying club, and my local Weston A. Price Foundation connection).

I'll be giving FOUR presentations:
	replacing irrigation with permaculture
	making the big bucks with permaculture
	animals in the landscape
	one Sepp Holzer movie with Q&A

I'm also supposed to give a "plenary" - I think it means something
like a keynote where there will be more than one keynote speaker.

For those of you that have listened to all of my podcasts, bring your
questions and we'll record a podcast together.  This is also an
excellent opportunity to share a meal with a different permaculture
authority at each meal!

I hope to see people coming to Missoula from all over the US and Canada.

For the lists of presentations, presenters and registration stuff, check out

Once you are signed up, chime in on the thread at permies:

In related news:  I hear there are just three tickets left to THE
rocket mass heater workshop.  This is where we have the BIG reveal of
the next generation of rocket mass heaters, plus two J-tube-style
rocket cooking stoves, plus rocket hot water.  Taught by Ernie and
Erica Wisner and put on by Caleb Larson, the timber framing /
alternative energy guy from my podcasts.  I'll be there too.  Details
are at:


We have three new forums at permies!


rainwater catchment


Please forward to folks that might be interested in this sort of thing!


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