[permaculture] replacing irrigation with permaculture - now on youtube

venaurafarm venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 21 13:59:13 EDT 2012

On 9/21/2012 12:20 PM, Jennifer Nazak wrote:
> YES! Absolutely agree, Lawrence. In fact, I believe that not only
> would the airing of said media/lecture series not DETRACT from
> existing and future PC enterprises; but indeed, it could actually
> BOOST permaculture professionals' livelihood by fueling more demand
> for advanced permaculture education and permaculture services.

It would do exactly that, Jenny! That would directly result from 
increased public  awareness of what permaculture is all about and how it 
would benefit them every day of the year. It is logical that this would 

> Kudos to Paul for disseminating permaculture techniques as an
> alternative to energy- and money- and water-hogging conventional
> irrigation methods!

I send that, Paul's work is world class and will change the future for 
the betterment of the people of the Earth, PermaWorld or PermaSphere...

> cheers, and Permaculture Phorever!

Thanks to you for your support of creative, permaculture concepts and 
projects that spread the world of permaculture to more people and 
communities. Think about how widespread permaculture is already!

> Jenny
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>> Lawrence wrote, in regard to a proposed video series to be aired in
>> many locations: "Actually I think that this particular
>> media/lecture series really is important enough that it should be
>> done by someone(s) sometime in the near future. This would help
>> decentralize permaculture and bring the best of it to individuals
>> and institutions that would embrace it and put it to work for the
>> long term, all for a low price and without detracting from the
>> teaching/PDC/lecture/consulting/writing enterprises of existing and
>> future permaculture professionals depending on trade for their
>> livelihoods."

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