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*/Santa Barbara Permaculture Network Presents
/*Gaia University-World Changers-Apply Here!
with */Liora Adler and Andy Langford
Monday Oct 8 , 2012
Anyi Gallery Santa Barbara
$5 admission

Join Liora Adler & Andrew Langford on Monday, Oct 8, 7-9:30pm, with a 
talk about Gaia University and action based learning.

Founded in 2004 Gaia University is a revolutionary university without 
walls, a university across borders that focuses on ecological 
regeneration and social justice while offering students Bachelors and 
Masters degrees.

Action learning is central to Gaia University methodology with an 
approach that emphasizes a balanced flow of action and theory ? learning 
by doing merged with learning by thinking.

Gaia University offers a unique and flexible model based on 
self-directed, project-based pathways. With a minimum of required 
courses, students devote the major part of their energy towards the 
design, implementation and documentation of real-world projects, with a 
support web of advisers and mentors who assist  in the practical 
development of  projects and encourage students to develop the capacity 
to think critically about their work and inner processes.

Liora Adler & Andrew Langford are co-founders and co-presidents of Gaia 
University www.gaiauniversity.org

<http://www.gaiauniversity.org>Liora has over thirty years experience 
with ecovillages and the establishment of global networks. In 1982 Liora 
co-founded Huehuecoyotl Ecovillage in highlands of central Mexico.  
Liora was lead partner of the spectacular Caravan Arcoiris de la Paz 
theatre that toured South America from 1996- 2009 carrying messages of 
peace and permaculture. Liora has served on the Board of the Global 
Ecovillage Network, as a UN representative, and is a Board Member of The 
Global Village Institute. She holds an Master of Education with a major 
in counseling psychology.

Andrew holds a Masters degree in Organization Analysis and Development 
and a postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies but believes his most 
potent education takes place outside of conventional institutions.  
Andrew initiated permaculture teaching in the UK starting in 1985 and, 
together with others in the Permaculture Association of Britain, helped 
train more than 3,000 permaculture designers. He is a principal 
architect of the Permaculture Diploma WorkNet from the UK.

The evening talk takes place on *Monday Oct 8, 7pm-9:30pm, Ayni Galley*, 
216 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Admission $5, no reservations 
required. More info: (805)962-2571, margie at sbpermaculture.org

Sponsored by:
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

More Info:
Gaia University www.gaiauniversity.org <http://www.gaiauniversity.org>

Video from a Gaia University Student http://youtu.be/SKKZYAn656A

Gaia University charts a pathway to accreditation though IMCA 
(International Management Centers Association) and Revans University?the 
only action-learning university in the world.


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