[permaculture] soilless crop production

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Great suffering images of "Soylent Green"!  I have yet to see any
comparative nutritional data on hydr/aqua/aeroponics versus soil.  I can't
imagine that one receives the same nutritional value from water grown
plants!  What about the incredible interaction between soil biota and the
rhizosphere doesn't this have to provide some very special nutritive value?

Perhaps if I were taking a journey to Venus I would be tempted to survive on
such foodstuff but other wise I am deeply skeptical.

FWIW Scott

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Hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics do that. It is a matter of designing 
equipment and processes scaled to the need at hand. Nothing wrong with 
automation, auto-harvesting and placing in refrigeration or prep for a 
meal. Much work has been done with growing blue-green algae and 
chlorella; that could easily be scaled to home food production. SPROUTS! 
Grow sprouts in trays and recycle the growing medium and stubble. 
Wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa, sunflower (black oil seed),
buckwheat (buckwheat lettuce) are gourmet food. I have eaten all of them 
except barley grass. I think sprouts could become a major source of 
plant-based nutrition when depending on soilless growth medium. Very 
many vegetable seeds can be sprouted for human consumption. Next, 
consider the potential for soilless growth of certain wild, exotic, 
heirloom, international foods, including some fruits. What  about fruit; 
how could one do without that. Quality meat grown in a Petri dish sounds 
like future food. Google "future food" and see pfaf.org, Plants For A 
Future. I think cultured meat product could be made to taste great. 
"Seed" or starter tissue could be frozen for years to ensure a supply 
for future use.
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