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Wed Sep 5 01:25:59 EDT 2012

/Santa Barbara Permaculture Network & Surfers Without Borders Presents:
/Integrating Animals in Permaculture Systems:
with Paul Wheaton

Wednesday Sept 5, 2012
7-9:30pm, $5 suggested donation
Santa Barbara Central Library, Faulkner Gallery

    Please join us for an evening with the colorful and dynamic 
permaculture icon Paul Wheaton as he talks about one of his favorite 
subjects, /Integrating Animals in Permaculture Systems, /on Wednesday, 
September 5, 7-9:30 pm.  Permaculture offers powerful tools for the 
design of regenerative systems, with fair ways to provide food, energy, 
and human livelihoods, while sharing the planet with the rest of 
nature.  In Permaculture design, animals are considered a critical 
component of any sustainable system.

     Paul starts with chickens, because they are such a common, 
entry-level livestock to keep, thoroughly explaining the pros and cons 
and needs not always considered.  With every type of animal system, from 
chickens to turkeys, goats to cattle, Paul focuses on:

     * the healthiest way to grow each breed according to its unique needs
     * how to grow all or most of the feed needed
     * how to minimize predator problems
     * how properly managed livestock and integrated animal systems 
enhance your backyard gardens and small farms, or integrated systems of 

      Paul Wheaton is a software engineer turned permaculture 
enthusiast, who in his own words, is currently "the tyrannical ruler" of 
two on-line communities, one about software engineering, and the other, 
/Permies.com/, now the largest permaculture website forum on the 
internet.  Paul regularly uploads permaculture articles, videos & 
podcasts to promote and share his permaculture passion to the largest 
audience possible.  As a certified master gardener and a certified 
permaculture designer, Paul Wheaton gardens, farms and lives what he 
preaches in Missoula, Montana.

     The evening talk takes place on Wednesday, Sept 5, 7pm-9:30pm at 
the Santa Barbara Central Library, Faulkner Gallery, 40 East Anapamu 
Street, SB, 93101. $5 suggested donation. No reservations required.  
More info: (805)962-2571, Margie at sbpermaculture.org 
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Sponsored by:
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

Surfers Without Borders

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_Paul Wheaton websites:
www.permies.com <http://www.permies.com>

Article on Chickens-raising -chickens 2.0: no more coop and run!

Paul Wheaton Speaking Tour WA, OR, CA, AZ

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