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Sun Oct 28 19:55:59 EDT 2012

On 10/28/2012 7:16 PM, FranandDave Nokes wrote:
> We did try some with other techniques, including using a meat grinder
> for a while. It was just a little meat grinder so there was a lot of
> loading to do. This gives a chewier texture without the grains

That's the info I was looking for. I will then stick with my large 
collection of hand crank: food grinders, meat grinders, grain mills

I am sure they will do the job. I would prefer the chewy texture too.

Raw apple date sauce:

A recipe for tart sweet apples, raw and with sweet Barhis dates:

Chill the apples

core and cut into large slices

feed slices into a hand crank, tabletop mounted meat grinder with coarse 

add many Barhis dates along with the apple slices to the grinder

put coarse apple-date sauce in bowl and enjoy this excellent raw food
for breakfast by itself - make it the whole meal

> thoroughly broken down. We paid a 100 for the food processor and it
> does many things, including shredding and slicing. We actually make
> all of the food we eat, and do not use much of anything at all that
> is processed other than, say, some matcha tea, if you call that
> processed. Oh, and things like dried this or that and maybe a powder
> or two (moringa being my latest). Thanks for the smorg of food for

I may have to try this. I usually drink coffee but I hear it works 
against friendly gut microflora so I switched 1/2 time to green or 
jasmine tea. I like herb tea most of the time

> thought below. Shall check in with that a little later. Following
> Dave's progress in the search for camper van! Greetings from the west

Camper van: lots of issues with used equipment, including engine. For my 
money maybe OK if you get a bargain, otherwise maybe a money sinkhole. 
Get a Toyota truck and build your own camper onto it, 2 storey!

> coast. Lovely, calm, day without rain. Hope you're okay out east!
> Fran

Hurricane/tropical storm coming up North of me.

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