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HI Zoe..great to hear your positive enthusiasm. I wish you all luck and
energy to talk more with George Chan and write as much of his life and
experiences and memoirs as can be possibly achieved. He was an inspiration
to many of us.

I forward this on to a USA and Australian chat room so that it may inspire
other elders and even young wisdom to support your call. The editing will
be the challenge.

Keep flying

Steve Hart

On 28 October 2012 12:45, zoë rozar <s.rozar at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear elders,
> In this day and age of information, the more I have taken steps forwards
> and backwards the more I see a repeat of information. Each new generation
> is offered the same old info as sensational and fresh out of the box...to
> the detriment of continuous, progressive reflections.
> I know that it would be of use, if you, our elders, leave voice messages
> for anyone to remember not to be over enthusiastic though remaining
> optimistic of the actions we must seek to move forward.
> Have you head of the open source program that follows?
> http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
> you can record and edit voice messages and embed the mp3s on-line to play.
> I would like these recording to be made available through the eu council
> website. Even though since returning to the indian ocean in march I am
> focused on remaining involved and I have a little more time, though things
> are still settling down here, to do something.
> It would be my wish, for the european council visitors and international
> information seekers at large to head on your guidance, hopes and
> encouragement.
> If you could please prepare an audio file answering the following
> questions in order and sending to the recordings me (as ever you choose) so
> that I may upload to the internet with leo's help or even, joel, who has
> helped me on websites before.
> here is the format
> Name
> history in permaculture
> experience:
> 1. the positive
> 2. the negative
> the message to up and coming generation and reminder to the on-going
> generations, i.e. guidance and encouragements
> Tony, your talk on the ocean currents and your understanding of the world
> as if it were your backyard was so compelling and informative in 2010, I
> was wondering if you could offer the notes to share. I have not, as of yet,
> met someone who could explain these things so calmly and simply, without
> raising to the rage found in the young ones' "bring down the system"
> attitude. You shut my 'bring down the system' attitude quite nicely and for
> the best. Since I have been a lot more productive and open minded.
> *please send this recording exercise to any permaculturist who could be
> considered as our guides/elders*, to inform of the perpetual cycles, the
> determination, patience and care we must invest ourselves in, day in and
> day out, to really push for integrated ecosystems as the only way to bring
> man and nature into a productive and symbiotic relationship.
> I will be trying to do this with George Chan who has little memory and
> attention span left. He sometimes has moments of great clarity.
> I have tried uploading his documents Steve, but it has been quite
> frustrating. I need to find another way to get the data to you. IN the
> meantime, I am still in touch with Prof. Pauli and getting to the lost
> write up of Georges' work, currently being kept by some mysterious fella in
> government. I am pursuing the investigation still this week, confirming a
> meeting with the head of the Agriculture Research and Extension Unit
> All the best to you all and hope to hear from you soon
> love
> Zoe

Kia ora

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