[permaculture] fukuoka_farming mailing list needs aco-moderator.

Dieter Brand diebrand at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 27 16:37:06 EDT 2012

> I put forth the idea that natural farming receives discourse
> on this list 

I think nobody will object to natural farming issues being discussed on this list; however, I suspect that there may not be sufficient interest to generate a lively discussion.

My idea has been a general Natural Farming list which would host discussions related to different schools of Natural Farming.  In my experience, discussion of methods used by different schools of Natural Farming is often met by hostility on the Fukuoka list.  That's why I gave up.

My preferred Natural Farming (NF) list would include discussions on:
- NF according MOA (Mokiichi Okada Association)
- EM according to Prof. Hige, which is a continuation of MOA
- NF according to Shumei, which is a splinter group of MOA
- NF according to Fukuoka
- NF according to Kawaguchi, which is the most popular today
- Korean Natural Farming according to Dr. Cho
- Philippines Natural farming which is inspired by Dr. Cho
- Examples of NF in India
- Examples of NF in the West
- Practical methods for adopting NF to different regions
- Examples of traditional farming compatible with NF
- Others.

The trouble is that most NF traditions are of Far Eastern origin and, except for Fukuoka, not readily available in English.  That explains probably why the only discussion is on Fukuoka.

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