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Received this tonight in email. Thanks to this person for the great advice.
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Date: 	Mon, 8 Oct 2012 20:37:00 -0400 (EDT)
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Regarding your post on the permaculture group. As in any farming
enterprise good management practices are the key to whether an aquaponic
system is a good fit for your situation. There are currently many
sources of information available about aquaponics. Many of the postings
about aquaponics do not translate well to a medium or large scale
production. I have been studying the subject for close to four years and
just attended a week long training course at Aquatic Eco-Systems in
Apopka, FL. This class was taught by Dr. James Rakocy and Dr. Wilson
Lennard. Jim Rakocy is considered to be the " father " of commercial
aquaponics, as he and his team developed a highly researched system,
developed over 20 years of reserach at the University of the Virgin
Islands. Wilson, is the leading authority in Australia, on medium and
large scale aquaponic production. I strongly recommend that you avail
yourself of the best information you can get and consider a very small
system to see if you want to scale up to a system sized to produce
enough veggies, herbs and fish to sell. I hope this helps.

Roger Beeman

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