[permaculture] Bio-Control of Redroot Pigweed, amaranthus spinosus

georg parlow g.parlow at gmx.at
Sun Oct 7 09:53:31 EDT 2012

my personal strategie is eating them. Seriously. Of course this only  
works in a garden situation - but this year in my 80m2 community  
garden plot radishes (which were sown) and wild spinach (mostly A.  
spinosus, some Atriplex and Cheniopodium) was my main harvest for the  
first few months. I love the stuff, mostsly cooked up in curries :P   
Later, when the 'real vegetables' came on strong, I just pulled them  
when they got too large, but I deliberately left some going to seed...  
The plot to my left is occupied by an east indian family, and they  
sowed a red-leaf variety of Amaranth, that looks just like A. spinosus.


Am 06.10.2012 um 18:33 schrieb Lawrence F. London, Jr.:

> I have had to develop a strategy for dealing with redroot pigweed over
> the years. Facing serious colonization in fields and gardens have hand
> pulled hundreds of large plants. The number of seeds eliminated that  
> way
> was uncountable and dramatically reduced annual reappearance.

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