[permaculture] Scans of Marc Bonfils and Emelia Hazelip type/hand written notebooks/diagrams from Jamie Nichol

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 2 13:48:06 EDT 2012

Scans of Marc Bonfils and Emelia Hazelip type/hand written 
notebooks/diagrams created by Jamie Nichol

Images attached to this post:
Two scans of Hazelip's classic raised bed garden design
Two photographs of Fukuoka

Both archives of scans are here:
Emilia Hazelip's Synergistic Agriculture - Collected Papers
Marc Bonfils' Agricultural Research
souscayrous' albums (the two above) on PicasaWeb
The archives at Google+/Picasaweb

Bonfils works are nearly all typewritten text in French with a few 
excellent illustrations here and there.
It would be interesting to see if these pages could be processed with 
OCR and then translated.

The Hazelip works are mostly handwritten with the rest typewritten, in 
French she has included many lists, drawings and diagrams

There is probably much valuable information contained in these rare 

Jamie Nichol, souscayrous hosts a Google group on Mediterranean Natural 
Farming. The archives are public
and contain good articles on seedballing.
Description A Group dedicated to the Regreening of the Mediterranean 
Basin through Natural Farming
Anyone can join
Only members can post
Group email
mednf at googlegroups.com

Jamie operates a Permaculture and Natural Farming teaching center and 
work camp called Mas Franch
in the Corbières region of France.

Here are quotes from several of his posts:

"Dear All, I've just uploaded a Spanish version of 'One-Straw' to the
files section of the group that has just been linked at the yahoo
group by Jesus Ruiz;
"La revolución de una brizna de paja"
Please upload any files you feel might contribute to our understanding
of Fukuoka his books and seedballing."

In a post on Mar 5 2008, 5:14 am he mentions a new book by Fukuoka 
entitled: "One Straw: A Recapitulation"
"Recapitulation is, with the exception of a photostudy called
'Travelling with seedballs', Fukuoka's last book and, as he makes clear, 
he hopes to correct 50 years where he has misrepresented what he 
originally saw...not that there is god within everything, but that god 
IS everything. It's an important book, by a man who always has something 
interesting to say from a new perspective. A particularly interesting 
chapter is entitled: Men who kill nature, it is surprising who he holds 

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