[permaculture] Mediterranean Regional Permaculture Conference & Convergence in Turkey, July 14-21 2012

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Tue May 22 14:13:13 EDT 2012

You are invited!

*Mediterranean Regional Permaculture Conference, 14 July 2012, Istanbul
“Who is accountable for soil?”

Soil contains immense biodiversity, making it vital in providing food and
shelter to humanity. Topsoil degradation has accelerated out of control due
to the industrial revolution and the lifestyles that flourished as a
consequence. But who is accountable for topsoil? Set out to debate the
human-soil relation, in context of permaculture, this conference will bring
together permaculture specialists and enthusiast from the region.

The Permaculture Institute of Turkey is proud that it will be hosting
neighbours from the Mediterranean, Middle East, Balkans and the Caucasus at
the first ever Mediterranean Regional Permaculture Conference.

*Mediterranean Regional Permaculture Convergence, 17-21 July 2012, Marmaric
Permaculture Village (Izmir)
Intended at certified permaculture designers, the Mediterranean Regional
Permaculture Meeting in Marmariç, Izmir will witness the largest
international level permaculture get-together in Turkey to date. During the
5-day event – packed with presentations and discussions – new graduates
will get the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain experience from veteran
permaculture practitioners, tutors and specialists.

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