[permaculture] Pure Water Revolution- NOT

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Fri May 11 20:47:22 EDT 2012

The problem with distilled water is its hungriness for salts. Pure (distilled) water does not exist in Nature. Water, being a near universal solvent, will actively look for and dissolve many substances until it is 'sated'. Hence the mineral richness of 'spring water' and its reported health benefits.

It is the opposite of what pure chemical salts do. They are thristy for water and often will attract water from the atmosphere. (Hence adding rice grains to salt shakers).

Drinking mostly hypotonic liquids, like distilled water, will cause, over time, leaching of minerals from the body with all its unpleasant consequences.


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> I saw one similar to what you describe i think it made
> distiiled water the
> water was put in a back box it condensed onto its glass lid
> which was set
> at an angle to drip into the glass jar 24 hours 2 gal. It
> was at the green
> energy fair held in fredericksburg tx near austin which is
> held each year
> in october. The inventor did not use stainless steel but
> coated the inside
> curved edges of the box with something that he said was not
> bad for humans
>  it was a black coating  the whole inside of the box
> was black. Stainless
> steel does sound safer  perhaps a large stainless steel
> bowl would work put
> a piece of glass on it have a copper  tube that has a
> fluted edge hooked to
> it
> I cant remember exactly but he set it up in a frame above
> ground and the
> lid was hinged so you could clean it out easily and he
> stressed   only
> drink the distilled water not the original water as it would
> be a highly
> concentrated mix of impurities by days end it was about as
> big as a
> bathroom sink. I looked forward to seeing his devices again
> but i did not
> go last year and i know it has been at least nine years
> since insaw him but
> i did not have a chance to go to each and every booth 
> Trudie
> On Wednesday, May 9, 2012, sals3 <sals3 at cox.net>
> wrote:
> > I got mine from the inventor many years ago.  the
> 1st ones I think he made
> > out of wood and glass on the top.  I don't know
> what the trough was made
> of.
> > once the water collects on the glass it is pure and
> runs down the glass
> to a
> > trough .  It is not heat that makes the water rise
> I have made water
> under a
> > full moon.  I call it moon shine.  I have
> seen his work years ago where he
> > strings a few Big ones together so in the morning you
> put in fresh water
> and
> > it runs through to the other end where it can go to
> another water maker or
> > just out the other end.  I use my morning rinse
> out water to water plants.
> > he had a model that made 1/2 gal to travel and one that
> cost half as much
> > that made 1 gal mine was made to give me 2 gal.  I
> think the science is if
> > the glass is set just right so the water drop collects
> on the glass it has
> > to roll down to the trough .  so IMHO it is the
> slant of the glass so the
> > drop does not drop back into the bottom but rolls all
> the way down to be
> > collected. I would think with large glass you can make
> 20 gal or more a
> day.
> > it is all in the size of the container and the
> glass.  mine is small just
> > for us.  I had a water distiller before and the
> electric was costly  so I
> > feel this paid for itself in a short time.  it is
> free just the sun.   no
> > heat source no electric no moving parts
> .   I don't sell them and I don't
> > know who does.  If mine ever brakes I guess I will
> have to take it down
> to a
> > metal man and make me a new one by bending the
> stainless in to the same
> > shape and glass is easy to come by. mine is 8 ft.
> long   .  3 ft. wide at
> > the back it is 6 in the back and 3 in in the
> front.  so the water that is
> > collected on the glass runs down to be collected. 
>    the 1 gal. was 4 ft.
> > long and 3 wide same 6 or 7 in . in the back and 3 or
> so in the front.  I
> > guess you can make it longer to make more than 2
> gal.  so you can either
> > string mine together or make longer ones.  so I'm
> not a engineer but he
> was
> > a great one and I am thankful to him for the
> idea.  he was so smart and
> > worked on the idea for years.
> >
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