[permaculture] Martha Stewart and permaculture

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Despite one's personal opinion of Martha, there's no denying her influence. I have relatives and friends who, for years, rolled the eyes at the mere mention of "organic." Once Martha lauded the benefits however, they immediately began supporting organic food.
There used to be a great homesteading/permaculture zine published by a collective of women outside Cottage Grove, Oregon. One regular section was called "Gleaned from the Land of the Living" and it featured their (admittedly reluctant and begrudging) favorite recipes and ideas from Martha Stewart Living magazine. Classic example of opposite ends of the spectrum finding common ground.
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I got a note yesterday from Chelsea Green Publishing saying that Martha Stewart had recommended Gaia's Garden in her weekly newspaper column as a "favorite, essential" gardening book. It was just a couple of sentences, but it's another indication that we're hitting the mainstream . . . and that's going to have all sorts of effects, on us, as well as the mainstream. (It also resulted in CGP getting a huge order from a giant book distributor, Ingram).



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