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John Thomas Naisbitt johntnaisbitt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 13:30:54 EDT 2012


In my experience with bamboo; it is best to take you time and look for the
species which best fill the profile you are looking for and that which
tolerates you unique climate.

Bamboo is a grass. There have been well over 1000 varieties identified
worldwide and many are left to be discovered as the bamboo world keeps
looking into the charactaristics of each individual species. Bamboo can be
specific for construction, wind breaks, water purification, erosion
control, and Etc,etc,etc.... the list goes on forever. Be leery of some
clumping ornamental varieties as they can act like willow trees and seek
out your underground wet utilities and cause extensive damage. In addition,
the wrong bamboo in hindsight can be a nightmare to get rid of; unless you
like agent orange or napalm.....

Bamboo is mainly cultivated in two disciplines. First of which you have
discussed with others, by seed. Seed cultivation is rare; yet it can be
done. Even the great guadua Angustifolia k. has been know to grow from seed
in central and south american countries. However, the pods are difficult to
identify and at 30 to 100' above the ground, almost impossible to monitor.

The more favored manner of planting bamboo is vegetal cultivation. There
are three basic ways of cultivating the bamboo: 1) By root rhizome; 2) By
Burying the culm and awaiting for the nodes to root and sprout; and 3) By
division of the "chusquines" or baby shoots. The later of which being the
most simple and successful after you have established newly sprouted
bamboolets. It is the gift that just keeps giving.

There are many resources available online for nurseries and cultivation.
Complete Bamboo is a good place to start, the rest is all yours.

Best of luck and keep us all posted!!

John T Naisbitt

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 10:21 AM, Chris Carnevale
<c.s.carnevale at gmail.com>wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback on bamboo.  I was hoping to grow from seed because
> live plant stock is quite expensive.  There is certainly a lot of bamboo
> growing around here, but very little clumping varieties and even fewer, if
> any, large-diameter varieties.  I do know a few bamboo folks in the area,
> though, so I will further inquire with them to see I could harvest a
> rhizome or two.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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