[permaculture] Heritage pigs considered invasive species in Michigan (what country is Michigan in?, Planet?)

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 12 11:17:41 EDT 2012

http://www.sustainablefarmer.com/ - The state is arguing they are an
invasive species. Is this going on elsewhere? I am concerned about the
looming war between industrial ag and small producers. I would love to
include quotes from members of this listserv in future articles. I am
headed to Mark's farm this Sunday to shoot video. What are your
thoughts? And please let me know if it is OK to quote you.

http://www.sustainablefarmer.com/ - Farmer Mark Baker of Bakers Green 
Acres is fighting back. He produces Mangalistas for the charcuterie 
market in Detroit restaurants. Is this going on in other state?

I am going to Mark's farm this coming Sunday to do a video and would 
like to include quotes from people who might want to comment.

Thanks -

Bonnie Bucqueroux
Sustainable Farmer

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