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Eveb though permaculture is not a tread or fad it may have to be one for this exciting movement. When all of our societies systems break down permaculture will break throught the concrete cracks and give us the natural world that has been destroyed for so many years. 

The Great Challenges we now face as a species present the very opportunities that are giving birth to Ecological, Psychological, and Spiritual Sustainability.

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> Subject: [permaculture] Sustainable urban ag graduate intern position
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> Date: Sunday, March 11, 2012, 3:35 AM
> There sure is a lot of exciting,
> great news coming from all directions with permaculture
> going mainstream and getting a lot of attention. It must be
> 2012, LOL!  I have some good news to share, too.
> I was just hired by the Chamber of Commerce of St
> Petersburg, FL, as the Sustainable Urban Agriculture
> Coordinator for the city of St Petersburg (250,000, Zone
> 9b-10A, Florida Gulf Coast beach town). The purpose of the
> position is to help make St Pete a model community for
> sustainable urban agriculture. This is a pretty exciting
> position for a permaculturist to have! I'm hoping to raise a
> lot of awareness about permaculture in the process and maybe
> even get it broadly used... 
> The project has openings for one or two graduate interns as
> support, and I would like to find someone who has
> permaculture experience, particularly in urban ag, for the
> position. The position is for one year, it pays $3500
> (matching funds may be available), and it is fairly
> intensive work.
> Skills that would be useful would be (and not all of these
> are needed in one candidate!):  Urban ag experience
> (semi-tropical a plus), community organizing experience,
> database experience, GIS capability, asset/data mapping,
> Drupal, very good collaboration and people skills with a
> variety of cultural and ethnic groups, good research skills,
> fund raising/grant writing, experience with community
> process (i.e. open source, charettes, etc).  The person
> would need to relocate to St Petersburg for one year (hey,
> not a bad place, beach town on the Gulf with a rapidly
> expanding permaculture/transition community...).
> The people skills are important - this is a project that has
> some strong community support and involvement and it will be
> successful to the degree that we create and facilitate even
> more community. 
> This could turn into a more long term position as we will be
> creating jobs with this project. There are other
> opportunities starting to open up here in various colleges
> as well.  
> I will need assistance with:
> --Creating a public database of community needs and
> resources re: sustainable urban agriculture in St
> Petersburg.
> --Setting up an online "portal" providing interactive tools
> to facilitate communication and collaboration between people
> interested in and/or practicing sustainable urban
> agriculture
> --Facilitating existing projects to add value and create
> opportunity via those projects
> --Develop an inventory of existing farms, gardens, sales
> outlets and other urban agriculture resources. We will be
> doing this in the form of an asset map.
> --Completing a Blueprint/Vision and Strategic Plan for
> making St Petersburg a model for Sustainable Urban
> Agriculture in the US
> --Raising the funds to enable the strategic plan to be
> carried out and for this program to continue
> Please forward this to anybody you know who might be a good
> candidate for this position...
> Best, 
> Koreen Brennan
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