[permaculture] Exploding the myth of patents and copyright

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Tue Mar 6 14:59:43 EST 2012

Dear Rick and .... uhhh ... "wenshidi"

There is a great deal of truth here and a great deal of bullshit.

The bottom line is this:  if you wanna do this, I, and everybody,
heartily encourage you to go out, create something awesome and give it
away.  I give heaps of stuff away every week.

The problem is this:  the people that advocate this path seem mighty
keen on giving other people's stuff away.  If nothing else, this is
disrespectful.  Somebody created something and said:  I spent eight
years of my life putting this together, so i would like each person
that consumes it to give me one dollar.  And if they think a dollar is
too much, they can get it for free from their local library.  And then
somebody insists on paying the dollar and then selling 100,000 copies
for ten cents per copy.  they say "It's free!" but look at all that
advertising on those sites.  don't be fooled.  They are making money.

And then they put up wicked messages that the weak minded fall for.

When the big media industries try to enforce their rights they get
stupid ideas that could destroy the internet.

If the pirates stopped pirating, then the big media would stop their
efforts to protect their rights and the internet would be safe.

The pirates should spend more time creating good content which they
can give away for free and less time stealing other people's content
and selling it for less.

A few podcasts on this topic and how it ties in with the third ethic:


I like to think that permaculture folks are blazing a bright healthy
trail of decency.   Not putting a white coat of paint on wickedness.


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