[permaculture] Invasion of the flying robots - CNN.com - improved off grid power equipment for the future...

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 4 23:39:14 EST 2012

On 3/4/2012 10:40 PM, Bob Waldrop wrote:
> Better battery technology is a fine thing, maybe, depending of course on its
> consequences, intended and unintended. I don't mind spying, I always hope
> the government reads everything I write, lol,  but mostly I was thinking of
> how these will be repurposed as weapons.

I will suggest that you think on how you would survive for the rest of 
your life without oil. Think about how it would be without any of it 
then think about what it takes to get it to you in the various forms you 
need, i.e. fuel for transportation. If we do without oil from across the 
pond and use up all there is in the US, Canada, Mexico, South America 
then where would we be at that point in time. Its a global economy. All 
nations are dependent to one degree or another on each other for 
specialized products or services. The peak oil, low carbon footprint and 
global warming are important things to always keep in mind as we strive 
to become more energy efficient (insert a 100 page dissertation here 
about what I think we can do to achieve that) in everything we do. The 
world will move on with or without us and oil
harvest and use is going to continue until we find alternatives and then 
conserve what is left. Permaculture is a large part of the solution.

Somehow, we should write an open source permaculture designer's manual,
like the Wikipedia but with all types of embedded media resources in 
addition to text. This should have been started a long time ago.

Thanks to Dan Hemenway for all his excellent work and guidance over the 

If everyone who posts to this forum also creates some kind of entry in 
an online global permaculture notebook this would represent a start.
The mirror sites for this list are a help especially now with the 
prominence of Google.

What do you think?


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