[permaculture] Making Permaculture Maps with Dan Halsey in British Columbia, Pacific Northwest Maps.

Javan Kerby Bernakevitch jk.bernakevitch at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 17:54:07 EST 2012

We all have to make them.

But more often than not our PDC's covered maybe a moment on maps. The map
is not the territory however a map that pursues to answer the question
"What is here?" can be the difference between a design that that flourishes
into succession or degenerates into un-utilized energies.

If you're like most, your maps skills could benefit from a little more
eduction and hands on skill building.

In three short weeks Dan Halsey of Southwoods Food Forestry and
Permaculture design will be making his first trek to teach permaculture
design and map making in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

A mere stone's throw from Seattle (the ferry is $85 return) or Vancouver if
you're creating food forests, gardens or landscapes that go beyond
ornamentals you'll want to make sure you take in this course.

March 23-31, 2012

To learn more visit Permaculture Design and Drafting

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