[permaculture] Edible bamboo?

Cory Brennan cory8570 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 12:24:40 EDT 2012

We all have the option of reaching out to educate our politicians and other policy makers, too. If every permaculturist took on at least one local or state or national level politician or policy maker and made it his project to educate that person.... hmm, now that is an exciting thought!


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On 6/3/2012 4:31 AM, Linda Ray wrote:
> Thanks Robyn,
> I'm glad you know what the blazes that was about, I didn't remember the details :-).
> I look forward to the day when humankind collectively prioritizes *ways to heal*.
> Namaste,
> Linda

If all the politicians with power and influence, in the upper echelons 
of each country's political heirarchy, were subscribed to this list for 
at least a month, there would be no more wars.

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