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Daniel Jager dfjager at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 03:28:13 EDT 2012

> From: "Scott Pittman" <scott at permaculture.org>
> I'm sorry you have had bad experiences with permaculture
> amateurs but that
> doesn't mean that all permaculturalists are ignorant or
> misleading.

Very true. It is my misfortune perhaps to have not met some more skilled practitioners.

> If "ideas form the basis of organizations, organizations
> create systems,
> systems become solidified, dogmatic, authoritarian, and
> we're back to square
> one."  Does that mean we shouldn't have ideas? 
> That would certainly leave
> out Mollison and Fukuoka as well as any future Mollison's
> and Fukuoka's.  

Strangely, I am under the impression that the "no-idea, no-method" approach is precisely what is central to Fukuoka's 'way' (for lack of a better word.

> I have no argument with you not having a PDC nor do I care
> if you came to
> the teachings of Mollison and Fukuoka through self
> realization.  But I do
> think that you speak from a place of ignorance when you
> criticize that which
> you obviously have had little experience. Your experience
> with a few
> misinformed individuals does not add up to a criticism of
> all teaching and
> practitioners of permaculture.

Fair enough, although I have seen enough reactions in the past to certain posts that challenge particular notions to be able to tell the machinations of human nature are at work here too, as they also are in the larger world outside. Permaculture does not offer an escape from that. And yet we'd do well to try and solve that first.

> I know many people who practice the land "techniques" of
> permaculture and
> they have done a good job of it just from reading a book or
> two.

And that is great!

> Wishing you well.
> Scott 

Wishing you the same


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