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Am nowhere near qualified to answer this one, but will share an observation concerning the world.
Have been watching the gmo issue rather closely. Seems that the question has been coming to a head with this debate and that the truth slowly emerging that it is both possible and preferable to work with nature rather than against her. Vandana Shiva has been a powerful spokesperson in this regard. There have been posters about the myths of gmo's. In general, it seems to be a paradigm shift. People have been hornswoggled to believe in 'science', and the prop. has been thick and heavy and well funded. The truth has been leaking out and hopefully, a critical mass has been reached in some areas with more to come.
This, to me, is the essential 'undoing' that we are witnessing that will make the difference.
As for myself and my life's partner, we are looking around for land as we prepare our house for sale, all the while reading permaculture books; I took a food forest workshop last summer, and was just rereading my notes. As much as we'd like to hit the ground running, there is simply nothing that can substitute for years of experience. We will see what we shall see. The fun is in the trying. I'm grateful for the prospect of this adventure, and I'll accept the parable of the garden for personal encouragement for now ;-)

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> Subject: [permaculture] Permaculture standards.
> Interesting points by many, but I think our major problem with standards is
> within not on the outside. Having been actively involved at many levels
> within the worlds of Permaculture since 1981 I have seen far too much abuse
> of the sort Scott speaks of and much more from those masquerading as
> consultants and teachers and designers...designing failures and continuing
> the charade. Teaching without any experience or knowledge of the subjects.
> I have seen so many in my home territory of New Zealand and also many in
> Australia and elsewhere. Is the abuse worth doing anything about or is it
> still promotion of Permaculture ? Is the failure of "Greening of the
> Desert" worth announcing or is this evangelism selling the prophecy greater
> than the mistakes and abuse in his reality ? So what do we do about it ?
> Anything ? The Permaculture membership dwells in the hippie fringe and the
> people who own 98% of the worlds resources are barely connected to / with.
> Who is talkin to Jimmy Buffet ?
> What can we do about it ? Can we stimulate the issues, needs, expectations,
> solutions ? Is the problem the solution ? Personally I would like to see a
> structure, an internationally recognised and accepted structure. Awards for
> good design. A teachers college ? a designers giuild ?...and a court a jury
> and a group of elders.  All good points to raise at your next conference
> and especially in Cuba.
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