[permaculture] Permaculture standards.

venaurafarm venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 23 01:06:53 EDT 2012

On 7/23/2012 12:35 AM, paul wheaton wrote:
> I think there are many schools of thought under the permaculture umbrella.
> I have noticed an interesting trend:  some of the people that seem to
> be powerfully vocal about the evils of getting paid for permaculture
> stuff, seem to be the folks that are making the most money with
> permaculture stuff.  And the folks that seem to say "there is nothing
> wrong with making money with permaculture" seem to be giving the most
> stuff away.

I think you are blowing that one way out of proportion. Reread what 
Scott said. I have been with him 100% on this from the beginning.
As for Geoff and PRI, I fell they are doing great work. So does Scott. 
And you. All positive. The hell with the debate.

I agree with the rest of your post.

> A kind of comedy I suppose.
> I hope that soon, all food everywhere will be permaculture food and
> monsanto dries up and blows away because nobody will give them money.
> And, along the way, cancer and other illnesses fade away to be mostly
> history and not modern reality.

And the sooner the better.

> I hope that some day, ag studies will be about which types of
> polyculture result in the healthiest foods.
> I relish the idea of a farmer telling the story about how he made more
> money on one acre of permaculture than the other 199 acres combined,
> so he is now switching all of his land over to permaculture.
> I enjoy hearing the stories of the many permaculture artisans.  I get
> bummed out when a few permaculture "experts" attempt to use a baseball
> bat with the word "permaculture" written on it to make sure there is
> only one way to do permaculture.  Harsh.

Again, this is blowing the issue way out of proportion.
The moron hawking his pc bicycle tours and threatening everyone with 
lawsuits should they get in the way of his marketing his brands (of 
permaculture I assume) is not an example of permaculture at work or a 
legitimate, moral or ethical way of making money. Read his posts in that 
forum. Absolutely ridiculous. That's why I kicked his lameness out of 
this list permanently. Now I see he posts his ad drivel to sanet and 
composttea. Pitiful.

> Artisans.  Permaculture artisans.  I like that.  We all have a

I like that too. It is not difficult for anyone to adhere to some 
reasonable set or system of permaculture standards. It is in all our 
best interests. It helps keep the permaculture community together.

> different canvas that we work on, and some like vegan approaches and
> some like stuff with lots of aquaculture.  And where would art be
> without an angry coot somewhere yelling "real permaculture is done
> only with BLUE paint!"
> Comedy.

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