[permaculture] Engine efficiency ??

venaurafarm venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Tue Jul 17 12:47:51 EDT 2012

On 7/17/2012 5:48 AM, Steve Hart wrote:
> ENGINE EFFICIENCY and the petrochem con.
> Yeah great subject. I was lucky to have 5 brothers most into engines etc
> etc one who had exceptional energies himself explored this field and found
> an American by name Bob Colvin who did a lot of this research. This was
> primarily based on  "fuel vaporisation" he recognised that the simple fact
> that petrol to combust required to be in vapor form not liquid.

Add to fuel vaporization more effective ignition:
I was reading about research on a different type of ignition not 
requiring spark plugs that was far more efficient and effective though 
computer-controlled. The developer's patent was bought and the product 
shelved indefinitely, never made production.

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