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Dear LL
Thanks for your thoughts about Facebook.
I think we need to be mindful of our audience. FB is many of the
things you said but it's also more than that. It is familiar to many
in the region and they are already visiting it regularly for friend
updates so if a permaculture update gets in their newsfeed - great. 
I say use whatever tools are available to share the information and
spread the love.
Some of my Khmer colleagues have already been enlisted - very
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 On 7/15/2012 9:14 PM, Daniel Jager wrote:

 > I am willing to take up admin/moderation of the pcseasia google
 > discussion group. I'll get the hang if it coming weekend.

 I just visited the group and made you an owner and Felicity a manager

 with option to become owner later.

 > My idea is: why not have both: Facebook and Google groups page.

 State on FB that your other resources are the primary sites for your
 se asia work and provide all necessary links to them, i.e. the group,

 blog, site, Google Docs, Picasa gallery, Google+ page and circle(s);
 all integrated. Post to the group and attach material you have stored
 Google Docs or elsewhere on the web or upload from your computer.

 Facebook is not worth my time; it is a trivial, transient, useless 
 resource, only good for casual activity. Good to chat with friends
 is a total loss as far as any serious archival and exchange of 
 information is concerned. It is a closed system, no search and
 with Google. A Facebook group is worthless in my opinion. Google 
 resources are another matter.

 Why don't you all get Google+ accounts so we can have a pcseasia
 circle and a separate pcseasia Google+ page. It would be a bit of
 to set this up but I am willing to do it.

 > I am not so much a person of "reaching out", and doing events or
 > similar things. I think the Facebook page would be ideal for that.
 > And Felicity could manage / organize this?!?

 Get your friends subscribed to the Group pcseasia then use that to
 announcements and host discussion. I can create a Google Site to
 documents and images of all sorts for use by the group members, a
 gallery for images and videos, a blog to use as a journal to document

 group activities. All these things work very well and are light years

 beyond FB in the features department. The editor for groups, blog and

 email posts offered by Google is without peer. Blog posts can be
huge. I 
 have experimented with all these things for years and am convinced
 they are superior in all respects to competing resources. Forget the
 called "social network" thing and get on with sharing information and

 announcing events and news. The default is social networking.

 > If the google group page gets linked in the facebook page, it will
 > get exposure. So for those who just want some info on events, etc,
 > they can stay on the facebook page.

 Use the group as the primary resources for information sharing, news
 announcements. I can't emphasize that too much That was Google can 
 index all of it so people searching can find it.

 > If they want to share experiences
 > / info that can be searched on topic, etc, specifically related to
 > practices in seasia, then the group page is best.

 This is good.

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