[permaculture] Nth American Conf. ?

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Nth American Conf.

Thanks Bob for your response. I certainly respect the concerns and views
you outline which are shared by many. However I often wonder if we, the
masses, are not forever being conned in many areas especially the debates
raging over fuels and the costs and dangers of such. I have been aware for
a long time that we can run the humble old combustion engine at rates 200
times more efficient than conventional running. Why do we not see this ?
Perhaps because that would not sell fuel at the same rate and not allow the
petrochem companys to rake the billions they do. Can we argue the same for
air planes and their efficiiency..I often ask this question and are we just
the pawns in their game ?

I also like your support of where such a conference could be held and how
all Americans could travel there ? Where is the demographic centre of Nth
America ?  Detroit ?...be a great place to make a statement wouldn't it ?

To add to the topic of developing continental regional conferences from our
workshop at IPC10 Roberto Perez (Cuba) proposed these regions:

1 North America

2 Meso America and Caribbean

3 South America

4 Europe

5 Eastern Europe

6 Australia and new zealand and oceania

7 Subsaharian Africa

8 north Africa  and middle east

9 Far east

10 India and mid asia

I look forward to the continuing debate


Steve Hart

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> Why do we think that this event would be worth the damage the travel and
> etc associated with it would cause the earth's ecologies? Haven't we
> done enough harm to all with our sense of entitlement to all the travel
> we can manage to pay for with dollars?  Especially those of us who are
> privileged First World people?
> The Union of Concerned Scientists recently released a book on global
> warming and transportation/travel is one of the three major contributors
> to the emissions driving climate change.  They say one imperative of the
> future is that we need to drive less and travel less.  If we do travel,
> the kindest-to-the-earth method of travel is to take the bus.
> So in the spirit of harm reduction, at minimum if this event occurs it
> should be in a city easily accessible by bus travel, and travel by air
> and automobile should be actively discouraged by the organizers.  If it
> becomes a regular thing, it should not be an annual event, but instead
> should be at most once every four years.
> Bob Waldrop, OKC
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> On 7/16/2012 6:41 AM, venaurafarm wrote:
> > Steve Hart
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> >
> > Nth American Permaculture Conference ?
> >
> > Hey guys...not so long ago there was discussion on a likely Conference
> > for all Nth America...whats happened to that energy ? has anyone picked
> > up the challenge?, taken an initiative and moved it forward ? Skeeta,
> > are you still in there ? I reckon its time to take the bull by the horns
> > and jump in the deep end.
> >
> > At the International Conference in Jordan, IPC10, Scott Pitman and I
> > discussed future international structures in a workshop. There has been
> > waned discussion since but with Cuba's IPC11 just around the corner the
> > agenda will gain more development. One thread is to realise the
> > continental regions of the world. Then to consider each region having
> > conferences. Europe is already well advanced on this with their 12th
> > Conference happening in Kassel this year 1-5th August. Central America
> > has had a few. No other region to my knowledge has gone there yet.
> >
> > Something worthy of development eh what ?
> >
> > Steve
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