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Mon Jul 16 07:41:15 EDT 2012

Steve Hart
Ecology Architect
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Nth American Permaculture Conference ?

Hey guys...not so long ago there was discussion on a likely Conference
for all Nth America...whats happened to that energy ? has anyone picked
up the challenge?, taken an initiative and moved it forward ? Skeeta,
are you still in there ? I reckon its time to take the bull by the horns 
and jump in the deep end.

At the International Conference in Jordan, IPC10, Scott Pitman and I
discussed future international structures in a workshop. There has been
waned discussion since but with Cuba's IPC11 just around the corner the
agenda will gain more development. One thread is to realise the
continental regions of the world. Then to consider each region having
conferences. Europe is already well advanced on this with their 12th
Conference happening in Kassel this year 1-5th August. Central America
has had a few. No other region to my knowledge has gone there yet.

Something worthy of development eh what ?

Steve Hart

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