[permaculture] Sth East Asian Regional Conference

Felicity Wright flickwright at ozemail.com.au
Sun Jul 15 07:18:15 EDT 2012

Thanks Lawrence
Probably better if someone else is administrator - if Daniel would
like to be or you are happy to stay on I'me fine with that. 
Will post the link to the Google Group on the FB page so people can
migrate there if they want.
When I tried to access the groups I had to set up a gmail account.
best wishesflick  
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 On 7/15/2012 5:43 AM, venaurafarm wrote:
 > On 7/15/2012 2:54 AM, Felicity Wright wrote:
 >> Hi guys
 >> Ok, I am not a tech savvie person (didn't learn to use a computer
 >> until I was 26). Prior to setting up the Permaculture SE Asia
 >> page I asked on this site for suggestions about how to go about
 >> Got none.
 >> After I set it up (because many permies are on FB and it's a
 >> I know how to use) and then notified the list LL told me that I
 >> consider using Google+.

 > I will try to set up a Google+ public page for it though I think
 > any participation in Google resources requires a Google or GMail
 > or some sort of openID account or ID. That's really no more
 > than subscribing to this PC list; upside is that those resources
 > can be made viewable by the public or made private if desired.

 Non-gmail accountholders may still be able to subscribe to a Google 
 Group Someone needs to try and let us know.

 > I like Google Groups. They are straightforward forums which can
 > file/image attachments. They can have multiple owners. You can
 > posts in a blog with same name as group, add also a Google Site and
 > Google Docs for additional functions.

 I just set up pcseasia (short names are good). It is located here:

 pcseasia (Permaculture Southeast Asia)

 I have invited Felicity and Daniel to join and can make either/both 
 owners of the forum.

 This is easy to use and offers many useful functions. Of "everything
 there" I think this is the best, in a way better than ibiblio,
 who now sends those wanting a forum at ibiblio to Google Groups.

 I have it configure to be open to the public for message archive
 though post require that you be a member. Anyone can join the group 
 though I can change that to by-invitation-only. Let me know if anyone

 has questions or suggestions about this resource.

 I am subscribed as lfljvenaura at gmail.com and
venaurafarm at bellsouth.net.

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