[permaculture] Sth East Asian Regional Conference

Felicity Wright flickwright at ozemail.com.au
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Hi guys
Ok, I am not a tech savvie person (didn't learn to use a computer
until I was 26). Prior to setting up the Permaculture SE Asia facebook
page I asked on this site for suggestions about how to go about it.
Got none.
After I set it up (because many permies are on FB and it's a something
I know how to use) and then notified the list LL told me that I could
consider using Google+.
I had a look and just got confused. 
I responded and said that I am not very savvy in this area and if
anyone else out there in cyber land would like to set up something for
sharing information in SE Asia - excellent! no problems! I have no
desire to 'own' this and would just like to have us sharing
So, the offer is still there. I will migrate to some other forum if
someone out there wants to set it up.
 Felicity Wright Management Advisor Live & Learn Cambodia +855 (0) 77
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 On 7/14/2012 9:29 PM, Daniel Jager wrote:
 > I have some (for SEA rare) seedling trees to give away for free. I
live in the Bangkok area. I would like to share the information. But I
do not have a facebook account, nor do I wish to create one just for
this purpose.
 > Would it be possible to start some other form of info sharing, like
a yahoo-group?

 Hell no, not the awful yahoo. Nothing but problems there.

 Use this list.
 Use Google resources and Google+ - no where near as big a pain in the

 ass to set up, maintain, back up and use as Farcehook. Their comments

 editor is the worst anywhere online. Farcehook is just barely usable;
 I use it only to stay in tough with a few friends but the interface
is a 
 farce, a joke.

 > Daniel
 >> Hi people
 >> Just letting you know we've started a Permaculture SE Asia
 >> Facebook
 >> page.
 >> http://www.facebook.com/groups/142364735893114/

 Why not use this list and/or start a Google+ circle and page, or use 

 >> I have posted the information from Idy - hope that's ok?
 >> cheersflick?
 >> ?
 >> Felicity Wright?Management Advisor Live & Learn
 >> Cambodia? +855 (0)
 >> 77 319 018?skype: flick.wright
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