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Dear Felicity,

I am glad you liked the information I posted earlier. I am living in Bangkok and I think it is a great idea to start a regional network of Permaculture in SE Asia.

Especially the sharing of experiences, knowledge and seeds would be most welcome, as well as dealing with the specific cultural background of this region.

Since you started the idea, I'd suggest you gather the contacts in SE Asia and kick this thing off. I am eager to help / join in whatever capacity possible.

I know of a Permaculture farm (where Geoff Lawton helped with building an water impoundment pond) north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. "The Panya Project". http://www.panyaproject.org/. I don't know them personally, but they seem to offer PDC, so they are registered Permies.

Next door of them is also a similar style organic farm project, though they are not permaculture per se. The name is Pun Pun. It is a quite famous farm in Thailand. http://www.punpunthailand.org/
They actively promote seed saving, mudbrick house building, and the like. Good folk!

My own interest now is in trying to set up a seed center and nursery for New World exotic fruit species in Thailand, and promoting their use. It is in its infancy (just moved back to my property after the flood), but I am eager to expand this greatly in the next few months. So far I have been working on my own on this, but I am most eager to start sharing this work with others.

About sourcing seeds: I think sourcing some from Queensland, AUS, would be very useful, since there are quite some permaculture project there, that may provide seeds of exotic fruit and nut species.
Then there is REC Exotic Fruit Conservation Farm in Los Banos, Philippines, where a LOT of different Old and New world fruit species are grown, and seeds are available either free of charge, for swap, or for a small price. The man who runs it is Roberto Coronel, a retired professor in Plant Propagation at UP Los Banos.


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> Hello fellow permies in SE Asia
> A couple of weeks ago someone in Bangkok posted some
> really
> interesting information about flood resistant species.
> Sorry, forgot
> your name and I didn't save the posts at the time :-(
> Whilst living in Phnom Penh I have been linking up with
> people
> interested in/practicising permaculture in Cambodia.?Rico
> Zooks is
> currently visiting and doing a PDC in Sihanoukville this
> month and has
> recently visited Hariharalaya Meditation Retreat near Siem
> Reap where
> they are establishing a garden. Chris Bradley and Jessica
> Villani are
> spending six months at Hariharalaya setting things up.?Rowe
> Morrow
> did some work in Prey Veng a few years back (but have not
> been able to
> make contact with her to discuss her work here).The guy who
> heads up
> my organisation has a PDC and is now working on a heritage
> livelihoods
> project in Angkor Park World Heritage Area (around Angkor
> Wat and
> other temples) - where villagers are looking at heritage
> vegetables
> etc for their gardens for self-sufficiency and
> product.?Another woman
> Jessica Roberts is living in PP and keen to make a garden.
> A few
> months back someone else in the region (Laos) sent me an
> email to find
> out what I knew about PC in Laos (nothing,
> unfortunately).?Chris was
> asking me about sourcing seeds and wondering whether it was
> reasonable
> to bring seeds from Australia - I thought it made much more
> sense to
> source seeds with local provenance and mentioned the guy in
> Bangkok.?
> It seems like a good time to create a SE Asia network OR
> join one if
> it already exists. Does anyone know of one?
> Am happy to take this discussion off this PC list - because
> as I
> mentioned recently, I find it frustrating when there is
> lots of
> chit-chat between people whose bio-regions are irrelevant
> to the rest
> of us or is just vague/generalised comments. Every so often
> I am
> tempted to unsubscribe and then some gem come along...?
> cheersflick?
>  Felicity Wright Management Advisor Live & Learn
> Cambodia +855 (0) 77
> 319 018 skype: flick.wright 

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