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Capitalism and the 'Free Market" aka the "Invisible Hand" is  poisoning us 
with great atrocities.  There is no such thing as objective  science.        
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Subject: [SANET-MG] A report to the  parliament  of Britain
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Dr.Eva Sirinathinghji of The Institute of  Sciencer in  Society
reports  on a speech by Don Huber, professor emeritus at Purdue
University and USDA  senior scientist delivered to the UK Houses of
Parliament a damning  indictment of glyphosate agriculture as a most
serious threat to the  environment, livestock, and human health . The
speech was made at All-Party  Parliamentary Group on Agroecology Meeting,
Huber DM “The effects of  glyphosate (Roundup®) on soils, crops and
consumers: new diseases in GM  corn and soy and animals fed with it”, 20
November 2011, Houses of  Parliament, UK
An excerpt from Dr.Eva Sirinathinghji's report on Huber's  comments
states:"The conversion of US agriculture to monochemical  herbicide
practice has resulted in the extensive use of glyphosate  herbicides.
Coincidentally, farmers have been witnessing deterioration in  the health
of corn, soybean, wheat and other crops, and epidemics of  diseases in
small grain crops. All are associated with the extensive use  of
glyphosate, which has increased further since the introduction  of
glyphosate-tolerant, Roundup Ready (RR) crops.
Glyphosate immobilises  nutrients required to maintain plant health and
resistance to disease. This  weakening of the plants defence could
explain the infestation of GM crops  with the new pathogen, which has now
been observed in horse, sheep, pigs,  cows, chicken, multiple animal
tissues including reproductive parts (semen,  amniotic fluid), manure,
soil, eggs, milk, as well as the common fungal  pathogen that is
currently infesting RR crops, Fusarium solani fsp glycines  mycelium. All
are coming into contact with glyphosate either through direct  exposure
or consumption through animal feed. It is also highly abundant in  crops
suffering from plant Goss’ wilt and sudden death syndrome.
The  pathogen can be cultured in the lab, and has been isolated from
livestock  fetal tissue, replicated in the lab and re-introduced back
into the  animals. It appears to be very common and may well be
interacting with the  effects of glyphosate on both plants and animals,
exacerbating disease and  causing reproductive failure in livestock (see
below). Although great  expectations have been placed on Huber to publish
his findings, he insists  that before this can be done, further resources
are necessary to be able to  characterize the ‘entity’ and identify what
type of species it is,  including sequencing of its genome. This is a
slow process and once  complete, it is his intention to publish the work
in a peer-reviewed  journal."
It is wonderful that the government of Great Britain has  undertaken an
unbiased report on Prof. Huber's findings.The academic  bureaucrats in
the United States have disparaged Huber's findings most  unfairly without
having even looked at the data behind his studies and even  some claiming
to be environmental advocates have accepted the ignorant  views of the
bureaucrats from academia. I have previously pointed out the  sad state
of academic agroecology in US where public relation exaggeration  by
academic and government bureaucrats have begun to displace the full  and
truthful reporting of  science.

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