[permaculture] Masting Questions

wenshidi at yahoo.co.uk wenshidi at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 7 20:29:58 EST 2012

> Has anyone written a book on the topic of masting yet from an international perspective? Probably needs to be done.
It is at times like this, I wish that there was a bootstrapper.com site, that mirrored Kickstarter.  Instead of folks announcing their projects, potential funders could suggest ideas that they are willing to help fund, and hope that somebody will rise to the challenge.

If I ever get to another permaculture conference, I will be sure that my first question to Bill Mollison will be about masting.  I'll be he could talk for hours on this subject.

Still looking for more info myself and I will post as I find.

This is not a bad starter page on the topic.


I will see if I can locate some of the references.
There seems to be lots of stuff on Google Scholar but a lot of it needs translating from complex academic into standard English ;-)


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