[permaculture] Autumn Olives, Eleagnus Umbellata, excellent videos by MoonwiseHerbs Herbal Homestead

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 09:13:29 EST 2012

Harvesting and processing Autumn Olives, Eleagnus Umbellata
many more videos on this page about this fruit, its uses as food and
in permaculture.

I noticed that there is an "invasive species" issue with this plant.
I think this is an extremely valuable wild plant. Its fruit are high in
vitamin C,
have many different uses as food, replacing other fruits that may be out of
when you need them or might have to be bought off site, and, according to
is anti carcinogenic.  Plants like this from the wild providing a bounty of
high quality
are valuable and should be conserved.

MoonwiseHerbs Herbal Homestead YouTube Channel
the video on kraut making is excellent as are all of theirs, exceptional
quality, good learning tools

Will Autumn Olive grow in Zone 6-7, Piedmont region of North Carolina?

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