[permaculture] EcoLandTech wiki

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Jan 6 23:40:29 EST 2012

On 1/6/2012 10:57 PM, Steve Bonney wrote:
> On 1/7/2011 12:55 PM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
>> My main interest is what I call EcoLandTech, i.e. permaculture,
>> biointensive regenerative agriculture, ecological land use and human
>> habitat and community building. For a long time I have been interested
>> in developing a digital information-sharing network for the global
>> community interested in these things. Part of this involves creating a
>> databse (MySQL/php), a wiki (using MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki,
>> blogs, mailing lists, webforums, bookmark sharing resources (Diigo),
>> ftp, an assortment of integrated Google resources and websites. People
>> creating digital media (images, video, audio, text, pdf, html, etc)
>> could export their work into any or all of these web-based,
>> interactive, publically accessable, resources to stimulate and develop
>> an ongoing long term collaboration of people from all over the world,
>> empowering them and stabilizing their lives and helping to build
>> community.
> Lawrence,
> I share your main interest of EcoLandTech and think that a wiki would be
> a good method to consolidate the extensive experiential knowledge of
> subscribers on this and other internet lists. What are your thoughts
> about this one year after you posted the above?
> Steve
> Field and Forest Eco-Farm
> Indiana USA
I have renewed interest in doing that.
NEEDED: A central repository/portal/encyclopedia/communications central
is needed for all of us sharing common interests, which are many, deep 
and diverse. Something we can all interact with, edit our own stuff, 
append or comment on other's work, develop and extend, change and refine 
the basic structure of the site, i.e. co-develop site infrastructure 
complete with updating all needed external links to important resources, 
such as other sites doing this same thing. Of course it does not need to 
exist only in one place; many can create such a resource, a carbon copy 
of everyone else's and implement deep inter-site linking and networking, 
i.e. resource sharing, in real time if possible. I have been thinking 
about getting back to work on my MediaWiki installation at ibiblio to 
see how it could be used to create a permaculture knowledgebase. There 
is also Google+, which can be combined with Google Docs, Sites, Groups 
and Blogger Blogs for a powerful information and networking resource. As 
you know this list is
mirrored by a Google Group and Blogger Blog, and a Site as well and 
Google "site:" searches can be done too; plus the list homepage 
information. This provides us with an easy to access and navigate 
collection of online interactive tools for knowledgebase building, 
resource sharing and community networking. I can add a Google+ 
"permaculture mailing list at ibiblio" Circle as well and later a G+ 
professional orgnization page. GMane also mirrors this list. And there 
is permies.com and all the fine stuff that exists there, much of which 
can be integrated with this forum one way or another (X posting, for 
one, is a good tool to use).

What are your thoughts, Steve?


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