[permaculture] Frugal cooking and nutritious eating: Miso soup, rice, tofu, tempeh or dried sardines

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 15 18:56:26 EST 2012

Here is a delicious miso soup recipe with easy to find simple 
ingredients - works every time:

soak shittake mushoom (4-6 small dried caps) and seaweed (kombu or 
other) in bowl with hot water
chef's wok over gas flame - preheat
add olive oil
add, in this order, 30 seconds to one minute between:
bias cut sliced carrot
hot red chili peppers, broken into pieces
onion cut in chunks, separated
celery stalks cut on the bias
cabbage wedge cut into chunks, separated
any wild greens you might have in the garden
don't overcook, stop before vegetables get limp and when greens are 
bright green
add soaked seaweed & shitttake & soaking liquid
let cool until very warm then add large tablespoon of hatcho miso & 
dissolve it into the liquid (hatcho has the most probiotics, the least 
water, is least expensive and has plenty of flavor - next in line is 
barley miso)
don't add any other ingredients, other oils, mirin, vinegar or sauces or 
salt (the miso has plenty)

serve with hot boiled rice (add some hot crushed red pepper, ume or 
brown rice vinegar as condiments), stir fried little dried fish 
(sardines, from asian grocery), tempeh or tofu (cook with brown rice 
vinegar, hot red pepper, a little salt, tamari soy sauce or fermented 
black beans)


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