[permaculture] Do read this worthwhile news Re: Dare read all this

L. Santoyo santoyo at earthflow.com
Tue Feb 14 20:44:44 EST 2012

Love it!
Thanks for the rant Lawrence- give 'em hell
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> Notill GMO soy production depends completely on the use of herbicide,
> which could be roundup/glyphosate-based or 24D-type herbicides or worse.
> catholic church and stewart brand think this is all very ok, no problems.
> They are all merely minions of the ag biotech industries, little
> insignificant grovelling sychophants squabbling and fighting for crumbs
> off the corporate table of hand outs of money and influence in high
> places. They would have served Stalin/Lenin/Trotsky/Beria, Hitler, Pol
> Pot and Mao well.

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