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> You know the one responsible for atrocities at Tienanmen Square,
> Tiananmen was not particularly exceptional.  Governments all over the world have a history of such acts to maintain their power.  Just look at what is happening in Syria at the moment.
> England and English backed corporations have a long history of such atrocities and the American Military Industry Complex seems to be trying hard to catch up.

There is no excuse for that. None. Not in a real world or in one of 
fantasy. So does this justify the chinese criminal thugs continuing 
their repression of Tibetans as described below. Sorry but you are in 
the wrong list to be going on a racist rant about your fear of knife 
wielding drunk Tibetans as any way of justifying what the corrupt 
criminal Chinese government has done to the people of Tibet beginning 
with the invasion in 1959.

When I saw this article I decided to go back and reread your post:

Video from inside a Tibetan community under lockdown, as 
self-immolations continue
By Xeni Jardin at 10:39 pm Monday, Feb 13 • 9 Comments • Share

The Guardian's Asia correspondent Jonathan Watts sneaks into Aba, a 
remote town on the Tibetan plateau, and captures this video report
of how Chinese authorities are trying to stamp out dissent among ethnic 
Tibetans through military security, propaganda and forced 're-education.'

More context and links at the NYT Lede blog.
A BBC News crew attempted to make the same trek,
and were repeatedly harassed by Chinese forces. Video here, includes 
graphic shots of self-immolations.

Today, the latest in an ongoing string of Tibetan self-immolation 
protests against Chinese policies: a 19-year-old Tibetan monk set 
himself on fire in the same Sichuan province town where the Guardian 
video was captured.

Read the rest

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