[permaculture] Garden Tool Recommendations

John D'hondt dhondt at eircom.net
Fri Feb 10 15:47:34 EST 2012

 >By simply changing to copper or phosphor bronze would completely change 
the structure of the soil .Any chipping would simply leave deposits of 
non-magnetic , non-rusting , earth sweetening copper .
As the rusty iron goes the land becomes cleaner , fresher . No iron fences , 
no iron tree guards no iron tools . Replace every iron tool used to touch 
the earth with tools made from copper or from coated phosphor bronze . Wood 
or bone . Every tool or object made of iron steals earth energy ."

Is this true or is it just metaphysics?


<<I have seen mild steel tree gards "steal energy" from seedling trees. At 
least they seem to struggle until they are well above the tree gard.
On the other hand, iron is a lot more naturally plentiful in most soils than 
copper and copper can get to very toxic levels much faster than iron. Many 
soils are red because of iron oxide/rust. Iron is one of the most plentiful 
elements on the planet. You could also literally eat two pounds of rust with 
little impact on your health.
Copper is quite rare and even though most animals need some as a trace 
element it is very toxic in higher quantities for almost all. A knife point 
worth of verdigris will do you no good.
Especially sheep are very sensitive to copper rich soil and it can kill them 
wholesale. Pigs can take more and it is always added to commercial pigfood 
because it makes pigs grow faster. (just as poultry gets a lot of arsenic) 
Do not ever graze sheep on land that has been manured with pig slurry or you 
might loose the lot.

So basically I don't know the answer to your question :)

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