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Lactic acid bacteria can be collected from the air.
Pour rice wash (solution generated when you wash the rice with water) on 
a container like plastic pot with lid.
Allow air gap at least 50-75% of the container.

From: Beneficial Indigenous Organisms (BIM)

By: Gil A. Carandang

gil_carandang at hotmail.com <mailto:gil_carandang%40hotmail.com>


That reminds me of various air sample studies done by the
US Government measuring hundreds and hundreds of various bacteria 
floating around in da thin air at various locations.
The possibilities make you wonder.

Indigenous Microorganisms - Part 1 - You Tube


Pinoy Organics presents Gil Carandang (Teaser)


PART 2: The YWiNQ Team interview Gil Carandang
of Herbana Farms, Philippines



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