[permaculture] Amazonian Mushroom Eats Indestructible Plastics

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Sat Feb 4 22:09:24 EST 2012

--- On Sun, 2/5/12, Alan Enzo <ecoenzo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Found this minutes after I was
> ranting with one of our PDC students about
> Polyurethane foam off-gassing and toxic plastic stuff from
> China!

What is it with folks here blaming the entire population of China for the planet's ecological woes?
In the west, factories all kinds have been belching out toxic fumes and polluting the water for more than a century, and yet somehow, China is going to get all the blame?
Where do you think that they got all of this dirty technology from in the first place?  And why would the Chinese factories be producing all this nasty stuff if there was not such an enormous market in the USA and Europe?

Putting the blame on one race or nation is not helpful and certainly does not fit in with permaculture principles.
There are scores of protests and demonstrations taking place every single day all over the People's Republic and we should be supporting these forward thinking individuals, not demonising the entire country carte blanche.
I suppose it is much easier to rant at a boogey man that is thousands of miles away than one that lives next door.

Permaculturalists and environmentalists in China have a difficult enough job as it is.  If even their own peers and counterparts in the West are quite happy to make them the fall guys, then what is the point in them even continuing?


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