[permaculture] true-to-type seed exchange

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 1 18:38:29 EST 2012

On 2/1/2012 12:25 PM, Chris Carnevale wrote:

> I would like to participate in your proposed "true-to-type" seed exchange.
> Perhaps you could set up an invite-only Google Doc as an inventory and
> folks could add their name, contact info, and what seeds they have
> available.  That would be a great resource.  Also it would be good for
> folks to be cognizant of pest/pathogen transmission issues.  I will
> certainly participate.

On 2/1/2012 2:11 PM, Michael Pilarski wrote:

 > I am interested in a seed exchange with an invite-only Google Doc  I
 > tried to get onto the one that Chris C just set up and it wouldn't
 > let me in because I am not authorized.  If anyone gets a google doc
 > seed exchange going please put me on the authorized to access list.
 > I grow and save large amounts of seed every year.  I have a seed list
 > if anyone is interested.

On 2/1/2012 2:44 PM, Jason Gerhardt wrote:

 > That is an awesome idea! I think we permaculturalists need more 
avenues for useful plant exchange. A live plant exchange would be 
excellent as well.
 > In general, I think subtropical and tropical fruits produce closer to 
type from seed, peaches and apricots too, which helps explain Fukuoka's 
methods> more. I would be skeptical of plums, cherries, and apples from 
seed due to multiple cross pollination sources being very frequent in 
many areas i.e. wild cherries, plums, crabapples. It is possible to get 
them true to type, but needs control and careful management, likely hand 
 > I am beginning to wonder what happens to trees longer term by 
planting the graft below grade, and leaving it unpruned. I usually plant 
my grafts about an inch or so below grade as in my very windy climate it 
makes for a much> more resilient tree. St. Lawrence Nursery in N.Y. 
recommends this planting method for cold climates too. I have been 
minimal pruning plants like this so I can't say how well they do without 
manipulation. I think I will leave a few new trees alone to watch what 
they do over the years when growing on a combination of
 > their own roots and on rootstock.


I have just added the following email ID's with read and edit 

Chris  c.s.carnevale at gmail.com
Sal  sals3 at cox.net
Shawn  shawntisdell at gmail.com
Georg  g.parlow at gmx.at
Luke  luke at groaction.com
Jason  jasongerhardt at gmail.com
Michael  friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com
Lawrence  lfljvenaura at gmail.com

....to all of the following Google Docs Documents and Spreadsheets
and Google Sites:

Read the "Project Discussion: Goals and Means" Document to see if you 
like those ideas or have anything to add. - LL

Google Sites:

Seed and Plant Resources
copies of any finished or works-in-progress documents are kept in this 
repository for public viewing and edit sharing with participants, with
links to any Google Spreadsheets and Docs, forums, blogs an websites.

Google Docs Spreadsheets:

Seed and Plant Sources
Shawn Tisdell, owner

True To Type Seed Exchange
Chris Carnevale, owner

Google Docs Documents:

Please create any other Documents needed and share with the rest of us 
as you see fit.

Seed Exchange TTT
This is the source document for the TTT spreadsheet that I use.
LL, owner

Project Discussion: Goals and Means
add any ideas you have about the projects we share, suggestions, wishes, 
goals, mission, purpose & uses.
LL< owner

These are just working documents containing source material to be used 
elsewhere, NOT for public viewing (they contain a lot of borrowed 
material from various websites that can be added to the spreadsheets; no 
intent to copy anything other than individual or company names with 
contact information).

Seed and Plant Resources 4 all parts
LL, owner

Seed and Plant Resources 4 part4
LL, owner

Seed and Plant Resources 4 part3
LL, owner

Seed and Plant Resources 4 part2
LL, owner

Seed and Plant Resources 4 part1
LL, owner

Seed and Plant Sourcelist 3
LL, owner

Seed and Plant Sourcelist 2
LL, owner

Seed and Plant Sourcelist 1
LL, owner

This is another working document I maintain that contains a compilation 
of some of the above source material, available for public viewing  but 
is not a finished product. Edit this as you see fit. I add everything 
new that I find to it just for convenient storage and access:
a subset of:
LL, owner


I am also working on a biointensive farming (covers all biointensive 
aspects of gardening, farming, landscaping and permaculture) site with 
an array of useful resources. If anyone would like to participate, use 
or contribute to this please let me know.
Biointensive Farming
A subset for edit sharing if anyone is interested:
Garden Hand Tool Sourcelist and Biointensive Gardening Guide
Garden Hand Tool Sourcelist
LL, owner

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