[permaculture] Fwd: Fukuoka and trees

Jason Gerhardt jasongerhardt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 14:44:11 EST 2012

That is an awesome idea! I think we permaculturalists need more avenues for
useful plant exchange. A live plant exchange would be excellent as well.

In general, I think subtropical and tropical fruits produce closer to type
from seed, peaches and apricots too, which helps explain Fukuoka's methods
more. I would be skeptical of plums, cherries, and apples from seed due to
multiple cross pollination sources being very frequent in many areas i.e.
wild cherries, plums, crabapples. It is possible to get them true to type,
but needs control and careful management, likely hand pollination.

I am beginning to wonder what happens to trees longer term by planting the
graft below grade, and leaving it unpruned. I usually plant my grafts about
an inch or so below grade as in my very windy climate it makes for a much
more resilient tree. St. Lawrence Nursery in N.Y. recommends this planting
method for cold climates too. I have been minimal pruning plants like this
so I can't say how well they do without manipulation. I think I will leave
a few new trees alone to watch what they do over the years when growing on
a combination of their own roots and on rootstock.

Jason Gerhardt
Designer and Educator

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