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The Alan Chadwick Archive
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The Alan Chadwick Archive

“We are the living links in a life force that moves and plays around
and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.”

Alan Chadwick (1909-1980) - E.M. Schumacher (Small is Beautiful)
called Englishman Alan Chadwick "the greatest horticulturist of the
20th century." Chadwick was a student of Rudolf Steiner, an early
advocate of organics, and founder of French Intensive Biodynamic
System. He railed against the tragic policies of corporate
agribusiness, while cultivating gardens of sublime beauty and
production in the 60's and 70's throughout the United States. Nearly
everyone practicing biodynamics today has been kissed by the Chadwick

The Alan Chadwick Biodynamic Archive is housed at Philosophy Farm in
the mountains of North Carolina. In the summer of 2008 we were able to
publish a book of transcriptions of Alan’s talks, Performance in the
Garden, the first in what we hope will be a number of collections
drawn from the 250 or so tapes we have of his lectures.

Come back from time to time as we will be putting up transcriptions of
Alan’s talks, in no particular order. We remain open to any assistance
in editing. The tapes are of varying quality and we do the best we
can. The lectures presented on this site are done with a minimum of
editing, so there may be of of sifting to go through to get to the
heart of things.

We hope to gather photos and testimonials from his students and
publish them here, especially as we go through the centennial of his
birth. Contact us at ramsita at madison.main.nc.us .

“Horticulture is the greatest of all crafts, the art of the creation
of God…the garden leads into the whole of the vision of Nature.”

“The garden is all secrets, the whole miracle of the garden is made up
of secrets, and I’ve been granted the chance to expose a few others to
this incredible ‘thing’ which, itself, is the teacher. It is, you see
– though many people find the idea amusing – the garden that makes the


Here are transcriptions of a few Chadwick lectures:
Alan Chadwick Lectures


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Chadwick, Alan (Informational Paper)
Alan Chadwick was born and raised in England. Chadwick came to the
United States in 1967 at the age of 58 to establish the Student Garden
Project and ...
http://learningtogive.org/papers/paper188.html - Cached - Similar
Alan Chadwick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alan Chadwick (July 27, 1909 – May 25, 1980), English master gardener,
was a leading innovator of organic farming techniques and influential
educator in the ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Chadwick - Cached - Similar
Images for Alan Chadwick
Alan Chadwick was born — on July 27, 1909 — into the upper crust
of Edwardian England' s society. The family estate was enormous and
dotted with formal ...
http://www.motherearthnews.com/.../Alan-Chadwick-is-Gone.aspx - Cached - 
Alan Chadwick - EcoTopia
http://www.ecotopia.org/ehof/chadwick/ - Similar
Videos for Alan Chadwick
Garden Magic - Alan Chadwick
1 min - Jun 20, 2008
Uploaded by InHouseCS
Alan Chadwick Garden on HGTV
7 min - Jul 14, 2008
Uploaded by UCSantaCruz

The Alan Chadwick Archive “We are the living links in a life force ...
Alan Chadwick (1909-1980) - E.M. Schumacher (Small is Beautiful)
called Englishman Alan Chadwick "the greatest horticulturist of the
20th century. ...
http://web.mac.com/logosophia/Alan_Chadwick.../Welcome.html - Cached - 
Master Garden Innovator Alan Chadwick « UKIAH BLOG
Alan went on to establish garden projects in Marin, Covelo and
elsewhere. His student apprentices are now ... Alan Chadwick – July
27, 1909 – May 25, 1980 ...
- Cached - Similar
MetroActive Features | Alan Chadwick's Legacy
Flowering Inferno: Former Alan Chadwick student Nancy Lingemann (left)
and Flower Ladies co-owner Marcia Lipsenthal base their business on
what the garden ...
http://www.metroactive.com/papers/.../chadwicks-garden-9740.html -
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Farm & Garden Projects | CASFS
"Alan Chadwick's garden is a 'garden of the mind' as much as it is of
the soil, and like all genuinely inspired creations it has the power
to stir us to new ...
http://casfs.ucsc.edu/about/history/farm-garden-projects - Cached
Alan Chadwick quotes
Alan Chadwick quotes,Alan, Chadwick, author, authors, writer, writers,
people, famous people.
thinkexist.com › author › Adp Ala - Cached - Similar
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