[permaculture] Whos Practicing What They Preach and How?

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Hi Wendi,
A fellow researcher at the University of Victoria just presented her paper on levels of satisfaction in sustainable lifestyles - her work is titled "Inner Sustainability: Exploring experiences of needs, satisfaction, and frustration in sustainable lifestyle practices".  This is very recent research and she worked closely with the Transition community - her work may be of use to you.  Here is her contact amelnik at uvic.ca.
hope that helps!

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> Subject: [permaculture] Whos Practicing What They Preach and How?
> Hello fellow permies, 
> I am in the middle of co-teaching a year-long PDC course through Leon County Extension in Tallahassee, Florida with an Extension Agent and two community members who are PDC graduates. We are at the midway point in the course and we would like to give the students and instructors in the course a survey to help them gauge the degree to which their individual practices follow Permaculture Ethics (Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share). In other words, we hope to be able to evaluate if and how folks practice what they preach... how people act upon their beliefs in permaculture philosophy and ethical principles. We have been trying to look at sustainability metrics and indicators out there to help us get the survey together, but we are struggling to find them very useful in this instance. The social justice and personal well-being dimensions are virtually absent from such indicators, with their main focus being on ecological footprint.  
> I am wondering if any other instructors out there have done something similar in their courses, and if so, if they are willing to share their survey questions with us. I am hoping to eventually use this research instrument as part of my PhD dissertation work.
> Thank you,
> Wendi Bellows
> University of Florida
> Interdisciplinary Ecology Doctoral Student
> bellows at ufl.edu
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