[permaculture] The US is no longer food self-reliant?

Bob Waldrop bob at bobwaldrop.net
Thu Aug 16 21:21:38 EDT 2012

On 7/4/2012 1:31 PM, Michael Pilarski wrote:
>>> We should have plans laid for what to do in such an eventuality.  Some years back I proposed that in such a crisis that all permaculturists should undertake train the trainers programs in their neighborhood to vastly increase local food production using local resources and permaculture (and regular gardening) techniques.
>>> Michael Pilarski
This is why I original wrote my "Printable flyers for use in disaster 
situations".  The idea is to download, print, and copy in advance of 
need so that you have them on hand if you need to suddenly teach your 
neighbors how to cope with radically changed circumstances.


Bob Waldrop
Prairie Rose Permaculture

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