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On 8/14/2012 10:20 AM, paul wheaton wrote:
> Thanks Lawrence!
> Geoff Lawton will be answering questions at permies this week and we
> will be giving away four copies of his food forest DVD.

A DVD on that topic could be very useful. Do you offer sample video 
snippets of it online? If not, maybe this would be possible.

> Also, last night somebody posted a video of a very successful
> hugelkultur bed, and they carefully dissected it.  They took the best
> plant and dug down following the roots to try and figure out what made
> the plant to happy.

This is really excellent work, the kind of thing that needs to be done.
Somehow a map should be made of structures/earthworks/gardening 
methods/water features (i.e. swales/berms,dams,impoundments large and 
small/floating islands absorbing fertility, hosting crops and aquatic 
habitat, Hazelip/Jeavons/Chadwick/Fukuoka/Coleman/Bonfils gardening 

> We've been doing a lot of stuff with the Weston A. Price foundation
> and now have a huge gob of traffic in our new "food as medicine"
> forum.

That is also extremely important, especially nowadays. I think 'food as 
medicine' is at the heart of Japanese traditional macrobiotic nutrition, 
foods, recipes. Problems with your health? Scale back to the simplest 
possible diet, rice, miso soup, maybe tempeh, bonito flakes, etc. Today 
I will have miso soup with rice and several spoonsful of almond butter 
(+ crushed hot pepper flakes, a little Bragg unpasteurized cider 
vinegar, coarse sea salt, olive oil).

> There are huge leaps about to be announced in the rocket mass heater arena.

This is very important. Anything hands-on, do it yourself, homebrew, get 
people interested in making their own (this is already a big movement, 
Maker Faire, etc.). See the videos of home made wheeled devices (garden 
tillers/weeders) and vehicles, human powered and electric-driven.

> So much going on every day.

This is  how it should be, and on the increase, an upward path.

>> Permaculture Forums at Permies
>> http://www.permies.com/forums
>> really amazing array of useful forums..to say the least
>> kudos to Paul & Staff

with Amazing Stories to tell (like the old SF pulp mag), Tales of 
Permaculture, tales from the depths of Hugelkulture mound, the fragrance 
of fresh dark compost wafting over the field, perfume of a different 
order, Close Encounters With Edge Zones.......(bring in Morton Feldman's 
"For Philip Guston" - that must be the music used in CEOATK).

Here is more news; I will X-post this to Permies; if possible in 
multiple forums.:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:        From Craig Alan Siska, Landscape Architect. RE: The ALAN 
Date:   Sun, 29 Jul 2012 15:12:00 -0400
From:   Craig Siska <thealanchadwickarchive at gmail.com>

Dear friends, apprentices and those interested in the work, vision & 
legacy of Alan Chadwick,

Greetings. I am Craig Siska; I apprenticed with Alan in VA in 1978-79, 
and am now working very closely with Stephen Crimi and others, here in 
the Asheville, NC area, to */finally/* - 32 years after his passing - 
create the Alan Chadwick Archive.

Our immediate goal is to contact as many people as possible, to gather 
any and all materials regarding Alan and his work that might still be 
extant and available:

*/1) Audio tapes of Alan's public talks and lectures to apprentices./*
*/2) Photographs of Alan and the gardens he brought to fruition./*
*/3) Apprentices' notes of lectures and demonstrations in the garden./*
*/4) Letters to and from Alan./*
*/5) Drawings or plans of gardens that either Alan or others made./*
*/6) Seed lists/plant lists/ or planting design plans of Alan's garden 
*/7) Garden logs/ Forcing House Logs/ Garden Journals./*
*/8) Pocket notes taken by apprentices when Alan did garden demonstrations/*
*/9) Any other material germane to Alan, his work, vision and legacy./*

We will create a public website, where anyone can log in, and experience 
Alan's legacy. This will take much time, effort, money and TLC.

Please know that we have and are making individual agreements with 
certain people, regarding the materials they contribute to the archive. 
We seek written permission with each person; and their materials placed 
before the public in the AC Archive will be done so according to their 
own individual wishes.  Certain materials, as so specified, will NOT be 
"downloadable" nor "copy-able".

We have two extensive videos (all the original & cutting room floor 
footage) of Alan being interviewed, and written permission to use them. 
One was shot in Covelo in 1975, and the other was shot in VA in 1979.

We are working with a professional video/sound engineer here in 
Asheville, NC, right now, both remastering the video material, and 
digitizing all the audio tapes, and cleaning up the sound quality, as 
best that can be done. ( With regard to the audio tapes, we are ALWAYS 
looking for new tapes, even tapes of the same talks we have....reason: 
others [maybe YOU] just might have a tape in better shape with better 
sound quality, than the ones we already have).

As well, we, and a few others, are plugging away, */Transcribing, 
Proofreading, Edting and Annotating/* the approx. 250 audio tapes of 
Alan's lectures to apprentices and his more public talks. This will be 
the lion's share of the work that needs to be done.

The plan is to have both an MP3 file and a transcript of the talks 
available on line, so one can listen to the talk, and read along. Alan 
is best HEARD, both on video and audio.

Please get in touch with me, if this project interests you further, or 
if you, or someone you know well, has material to contribute to the AC 

We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we look very much forward to 
hearing from you in the near future. The world needs to hear and see 
what Alan was pointing to, now more than ever.

Thank you for your considerations.

Warm regards,

*/Craig Alan Siska, Landscape Architect/*
*/PO Box 804 /*
*/Montreat, NC 28757/*
*/(828) 357-5015 [ home/ land line ]/*
*/AC Archive Email: thealanchadwickarchive at gmail.com 
<mailto:thealanchadwickarchive at gmail.com>/*
*/Professional Business Email:siskadesign at gmail.com 
<mailto:siskadesign at gmail.com>/*

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