[permaculture] Permaculture in Central America bike tour

Marie Walker marie.psycat at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 18:42:12 EDT 2012

On 04/15/2012 11:32 AM, Marie Walker wrote:
> Hola!
> My name is Marie and I have been subscribed to the permaculture 
> mailing list for one year. Last year I lived in Detroit, Michigan, 
> supporting the urban farming movement by helping the local farms in 
> the city of Detroit- in the garden and buying local produce. I was 
> enrolled in two permaculture courses taught and hosted by Killian O' 
> Brian, Larry Santoyo and Keith Johnson. I also assisted in the 
> construction of roof thatching with harvested phragmites reeds at 
> Deanne Bednar's Strawbale Studio. The year I lived in Detroit, I fell 
> in love with the Permaculture vision, learning and integrating the 
> concepts into my everyday habits.
> Since November 2011, I said goodbye to America to tour Latin America 
> by way of riding my bicycle. My plan is to ride as far as Patagonia. I 
> crossed the border of Nogales, Mexico and rode though Mexico 4,000 
> kilometers. Currently, I am in San Cristobal de las Casas, weeks away 
> from entering Guatemala. I just began to travel with my partner, Piem, 
> who is expert in music signal processing and is involved in the Debian 
> project. He is equipped with high definition video cameras and we will 
> be filming more, creating small videos about what we are doing.
> My inquiry is: would anyone recommend me Central American (even South 
> American) permaculture recourses? I would be interested to visit 
> projects supporting indigenous cultures, environment protection,  
> natural construction, and organic farming- anything and everything to 
> do with permaculture. More so, I want to share these experiences and 
> learning opportunities with my blog followers and facebook friends. I 
> try to take every opportunity to share these holistic concepts with 
> everyone, in hopes that others will be inspired, as I have been.
> I want to add that I am not looking to enroll in a PDC. But if you 
> have information related to this, I am open to it.
> My blog is: thelongdistancetruth.wordpress.com.
> My email is thelongdistancetruth at gmail.com
> Piem's blog is: m.piem.org
> Muchas gracias!
Hola everyone!

Thank you all so much for responding to my request!

Currently, I am in Palenque, Mexico- 2 days away from crossing the 
border and trying to beat the heat!

To the folks and projects in Guatemala, I will contact about visiting as 
soon as I have my next rest break, in Flores. To the folks and projects 
in the rest of Central America, I will contact as I approach the sites.

Hope to meet you all soon!

Gracias y que te vaya bien!

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