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Subject: 	[compost_tea] spirulina as bacteria and food source for tea
and plants
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Has anyone used or have info on the use of spirulina as a bacterial
source and or food source for compost tea as well as a fertilizer for
gardening and plants? It's a good source of protein w/an amino acid
profile, beta carotene, gamma linolenic acid, vitamin B complexes,
vitamin E, chelated minerals, pigmentations, trace elements, enzymes
rhamnose sugars, and more that I probably missed. Source here from
Kona, Hi. is cheap, (when purchased in bulk) and is raised in a
combination of fresh and deep ocean water, 2000 foot depth, so it should
have a good source of all trace elements, as well as ocean bacteria. I
do use it and notice that
when included in soil mix, as a drench, stand alone and w/other things,
and just recently in tea, plants are robust, like they are flexing
their muscles, and a darker shade of green. Application of tea, foliar,
or drench is in evenings and results are there the next day or day
after. No microscope, so based on overall visual results.
But results are the same when using other products in same applications.
Kinda how I test what works for me. Am relatively new to brewing and the
soil food web, and was wondering if anyone with microscopes and more
knowledge has any insight into this. Blue green
algae also has a bad rap to it, usually in low oxygen levels.


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