[permaculture] Biochar

John D'hondt dhondt at eircom.net
Sat Nov 19 13:56:54 EST 2011

Take some other examples then Dieter.
For 50 years fat was bad and salt was to be avoided and vaccinations were 
good and cholesterol was bad. Most still believe this even if the medical 
literature is absolutely full with articles prooving the oposite and many 
alternative doctors know better. Only when they put their heads up too high 
they get chopped off by the establishment.
On the other hand at one time blood letting was THE cure all in medicine and 
it was an established fact too that prefrontal lobotomy was good for general 
anxiety. How many juveniles were castrated because their parents had seen 
them masturbate and feared their child would go blind? The list is endless.
I find established facts very dangerous things even if many say that a 
million lemmings can't be wrong.
Other than that our takes on charcoal are much the same.

>> And if no person questioned well established facts we would
>> still be living
>> in the dark ages on a flat Earth.
> That might not have been such a bad thing.  At least we would have been 
> spared the industrial revolution with the concomitant global warming that 
> has been brought about by the age of enlightenment.
> Dieter
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